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Mission Statement

Brave News World intends to serve as a platform to discuss social, technological and environmental issues that rarely make headlines today, but likely will at an increasing rate over the next half century. These issues, such as super-longevity, population dynamics, and artificial intelligence, will define the world of tomorrow, yet their implications are virtually ignored as politically unpalatable in most official government forums. Does Congress have an obligation to plan for human immortality starting as soon as 2030? The answer seems obvious.

These unfolding issues portend nothing short of a mega-revolution and the death knell of old issues such as nationality, ethnicity, and religion which currently consume most of our political bandwidth. Legacy problems will soon be moot; the quaint quarrels of a human past. We are entering the age of post-human development, even as this is written.

It is the near-term objective of Brave News World that emerging issues be forced on the agenda of political leaders immediately so that they must plan now, rather than reacting to a crisis later or passing problems to another generation.

That said, Brave News World does not claim a moral high ground or secret knowledge of prescriptive solutions to the world’s many challenges. Therefore, we must rely on our reasoning faculties and the scientific method to simply present, debate and revise until a way forward is clear.

The mission of Brave News World is best summed up as this: A discussion about the near future using the evolutionary goal of true scientific journalism and commentary—all the while making it an interesting and enjoyable trip. After all, we’re still human…


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