Elon Musk’s Gigafactory: Dream of a Green Earth and Green Mars

The world’s largest battery gigafactory is under construction. Its estimated annual production, by the year 2020, will be equivalent to 50GWh in batteries. Elon Musk, business magnate and a visionary , is single-handedly turning the whole world to face the Sun. One day, our planet will become a glittering object in the space, soaking the solar energy like a gigantic sunflower.

$5 billion dollar investment in the new Tesla Motors’ battery factory that is supposed to have larger capacity for lithium-ion battery production than all other manufactures in the World combined will be just another move in the grand Master plan to lower emissions of greenhouse gasses into the Earth’s atmosphere and firmer embrace solar power, along with other sources of renewable energy the future demands. This factory, located outside of Reno, Nevada, will enable Solar City systems to be equipped with battery-storage arrangements that will produce yet cheaper energy for homes. It may be regarded as a vise business endeavor, in line with political actions of the global scale.

A couple of days ago we witnessed the historic agreement between the U.S. and China that aims to significantly lower emissions of CO2 in the atmosphere. The deal is rather ambitious one, since it foresees to nearly double the rate of reduction of CO2 emissions previously envisaged. Similar agreement has also been reached among members of the European Union. Now, it puts pressure on other high emitters of greenhouse gases to take necessary actions to increase clean energy sources. It seems that the turning point of the world’s economy is approaching faster than predicted. The old world built on fossil fuels is dying out. Clean and Green is becoming the new reality.
After making commitments to build “one of the largest solar panel production plants in the world”, followed by even larger ones in years to come, Musk’s dreams are in overdrive. With Solar City, Tesla’s electric cars and fast charging stations for electric vehicles nationwide, and envisaged Hyperloop transportation system relying on solar energy, Musk’s companies are driving force for the expansion of solar power in the United States. All their projects are compatible, making the production of components cheaper, and the final products more affordable to the average household. And it doesn’t stop there. The idea of sending people to Mars and establishing self-sustaining colony there is just another futuristic design that now, with Musk’s involvement, seems feasible. SpaceX is already NASA’s major contractor for space launch vehicles and cargo delivery services to the International Space Station. In an interview with CNBC, Musk gave a bold prediction that first humans might reach the Red Planet in 10 to 12 years. “I think it’s certainly possible for that to occur, “said Musk. Does he ever think something to be impossible?