Scanadu: Star Trek-Inspired Personal Tricorder to Monitor Your Vitals

“It was a miracle of rare device …”
Kubla Khan, S.T.Coleridge

What is common between Xanadu, a mysterious and majestic city from a famous poem of Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Star Trek, one of the most successful Sci-Fi franchises ever? Well, probably nothing of a substance, except for a strange marriage of the novel device’s name and its function.

Scanadu Scout is a small battery-operated device, invented by Walter De Brouwer, a Belgian entrepreneur, whose personal tragedy gave him an idea to create a simple-to-use health scanner. It took almost a year for his son to recover after serious brain injury he suffered in a fall. De Brouwer spent a lot of his time with his son at hospital, watching daily routine of medical staff, checking vital signs on his son, and an interesting thing crossed his mind. It was not an inspiring momentary discovery, more a conception upon an existing idea which he fixedly pursued. What if he could make a Star Trek tricorder a reality?

Final product of De Brouwer’s devotion was a prototype of real hand-held tricorder, and with it the Silicon Valley-based startup company, Scanadu, introduced itself to the world. Scanadu achieved fantastic results with its Indiegogo campaign, raising $1.6 million, and additional $14 in venture capital funds.
At the 2014 CES the final version of Scanadu Scout, with improved design, was presented.
By placing the device against your forehead, almost instantaneously you can get readings of your temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, ECG and oxygen levels. All test info will be processed and explained to you by a smartphone app.

Backers of Scanadu’s Indiegogo campaign started receiving their units last month, and in Scanadu they expect all 8, 000+ units to be shipped by the end of this month. Delayed shipping came as a nice homage to Leonard Nimoy, famous Mr Spock from Star Trek. The rest of us will have to wait FDA approval in order to bring this small laboratory home. Let’s hope the feedback from people who are already using these investigation devices will be positive.

Scanadu is also developing Scanaflo, a portable urine test kit that will allow you to monitor levels of glucose, bilirubin, leukocytes, protein, and other parameters which will give you relevant information about your kidneys, liver, and urinary tract.

Not only these devices will save you time and money, but you’ll feel much better knowing that you can check vital health parameters daily in the comfort of your home.