Singularity Summit 2014: Embrace Tomorrow, Launch Today

In the two days of Singularity University’s Summit Europe 2014, taking place in Amsterdam, Netherlands this November 19-20, participants will have a chance to meet the future face to face.
In Amsterdam’s DeLaMar Theater, leading experts in artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, nanotechnology and biotechnology will present the latest achievements and trends in their respective fields of work. This a great chance for entrepreneurs, executives and researchers, as well as all enthusiasts in novel technologies to get in touch with recent achievements which will drive the world in the years to come, giving them an edge over their competitors, and secure their place in the market.

The Summit will host lecturers, such as John Hagel, Peter Diamandis, Daniel Craft, Salim Ismail, Daniel Kraft, and many more. The topics will range from smartphones and industrial robots to artificial intelligence and biotechnology.

All these previously mentioned technologies, at a certain stage of their development, could be consolidated into one. The ultimate aim of singularity is the development of the artificial intelligence to the stage where it will deserve its name and produce autonomous intelligence which will surpass actual capacities of the human mind. It can be achieved independently of, or in combination with human brain enhancements. In a broader sense singularity can be described as any fundamental change brought about with the help of new technologies. Many proponents of these ideas expect that, with exponentially growing advancements in technology, super-intelligence is to be anticipated by the end of this century.

In stages beyond the singularity (post-singularity), these new super-intelligent entities could be used to further propagate technological advancements to unfathomable scales. This new entity, whether a human or a machine, or even an amalgam of both, will be capable of upgrading itself to become yet more intelligent, or design a new advanced model, much as today’s latest technologies are used to produce the next generation of technologies.

There is a first step on every expedition. Though we are already striding a trodden path towards singularity, gatherings of great minds, like SU Summit 2014 in Amsterdam, can be counted as one great step on that path.