Transhumanist Party in the US and the UK

Solving national and international problems using advanced technology sounds reasonable enough to give it a benefit of the doubt. But, it cannot be achieved without political involvement and huge governmental funds. Therefore, Zoltan Istvan, the founder of Transhumanist Party in the US announced his candidacy for the 2016 presidential elections. UK Transhumanist Party is writing their own Manifesto in preparations for the 2015 general elections in this country. Other European countries will likely follow.

Transhumanists want us to embrace the future with more optimism and confidence in our capabilities to harness technology to help us ensure peace, stability and prosperity on the scale never before seen on this planet. We can benefit greatly from scientific discoveries and technological advancements without leaving such a messy footprint all over our only home – planet Earth. Otherwise, if we continue doing business as usual, our children will be disgusted with us.

Despite many trials and errors, the scientific method has proved to yield results in the evolution of the human race. From the Renaissance onwards, it has brought prosperity to humanity. In fact, the only period of human history when we experienced significant stagnation were the Dark Ages, when we gave up science in favor of prejudice, insulation, and personal interest of warlords. Unfortunately, many politicians around the world are committed to keeping us in fear and subordination on those same principles, in favor of the interests of the few.

New technologies will inevitably continue evolving. Individuals, governments, militaries and businesses alike, cannot afford to stop developing cutting-edge technologies in fear that they will be left behind. They would be beaten even before they get a chance to fight. So, they will keep pressing, until it gets out of their hands, and then what? Then we’ll get the apocalyptic end of the world depicted in movies and TV shows. It is not technology by itself that holds such a capacity; it is our insatiable greed, and distrust towards those we consider different from us. It is not without reason that recently many addressed the issue of a rogue artificial intelligence which might become a great threat to humanity. Future of Life Institute, Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk, among others, warned the general public on this issue, calling for action. But, who can keep this in check, other than politicians? And, they do not seem quite interested in doing so. Most of them don’t even understand the matter.

But, let’s forget about those dark subjects for a minute. Transhumanists also want to funnel funds currently spent on defense and excessive bureaucracy on scientific research, advanced systems of education, and sustainable, controlled technological advancements. Let’s hope that on the forthcoming elections in the US and the UK Trasumanist parties will attract enough attention to, at least, bring those issues in the spotlight of leading political parties in those two countries with a great reputation in the world.