World Needs Coders

“The best way to predict your future is to create it”
Abraham Lincoln

This quote is probably cited so many times that it may sound a bit warned out, but in our age of such a palpable technological transformation of the society, heralding evolutionary changes of our species not by natural selection, but by intelligent design, for the first time in our history we may find these words to be pertaining not to an individual self, or a nation, but to the humanity through and through.
It doesn’t take a genius to see that we have reached a crucial point at which we can influence natural processes and adapt them in a way to ensure better tomorrow not only for the humankind, but for our planet as well. Doomsday cult is prone to perceive all our advancements as symbols of fast approaching apocalypse, the one that we will bring upon ourselves, because we dared to tamper with nature. But, nature has almost destroyed life on this planet completely on several occasions. If we have a capability to divert an asteroid on a collision course with Earth, all species will benefit from it.


But, that’s not the point of this article. The point is that, considering the rate of our technological growth, future mankind will rely more and more on machines and artificial intelligence to do the necessary work and support its sustainability. The boldest predictions state that in the future there will be no need for human labor, that devices similar to ‘the replicator’ from the famous Star Trek franchise will really exist, and that we’ll be able to control the material world by thought, through some sort of brain-computer interface .

Be it as it may, we cannot deny the fact that there will be less need for human work force, and higher demand for skills in managing different kinds of machines with ever-growing computing power. In a decade or two computers will be million times more powerful than those of today and robotic machines will become more dexterous. Having this in mind, we have to consider that many current jobs will disappear, and many other will come into existence, demanding at least some level of software understanding and coding. People around the world, especially in developed countries are beginning to understand this need. Even today, some jobs which were recently regarded as low-tech, like locksmiths and mechanics, require knowledge of computer software.

According to the U.S. News, Software Developer is ranked no.1 job in 2014. Computer System Analyst and Web Developer are also among top 10.

Media around the world reported about President Obama’s recent interest in coding. After participating in “Hour of Code“ project with middle school students in Washington, where he even wrote his first lines of computer code, an announcement to widen computer science lessons in the US schools followed. In UK, new national curriculum demands that all children from five years of age up be thought coding. UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, said that computing is “one of the things that will determine whether we succeed or not“. This only shows that governments are taking this matter seriously, and that this skill will become crucial for any future job-seeker. Some would say, „Well, I don’t need to know how to built or fix a car in order to drive it. “ That’s correct, but, would you be able to buy it, if you cannot find a job?